Civil and Dispute Resolution

> Civil and Dispute Resolution

We are focused on providing personalized service to our clients, as our professionals seek to meet clients expectations in a way to incorporate their guidelines into their practice routines, always looking for the best legal solution for the proposed challenges. Our goal is to build a permanent and lasting relationship involving the constant performance of our main partners, offering to our clients concrete results perspectives tailored properly to their business model.

Aiming to provide modern and differentiated legal advice to our clients, and using the best practice and our outstanding experience in legal assistance, our Law Firm permanently invests in novel technology and improvement of its professional’s expertise, offering them the best practice conditions and a great work environment.

Our Firm has great expertise and knowledge to develop strategies tailored to our clients, we have a qualified team equipped to represent our clients in any legal dispute and advisory. Our Firm uses the most appropriate tools and strategies for each stage of legal proceedings and is well prepared to develop customized solutions for each situation in all areas of law practice.

Our main legal services include advisory on:

Banking and Credit Recovery

Strategic practice for creditors and according to the debt origin and the debtor's profile. Our practice is specific in terms of identification and negotiation of assets, establishing a reasonable composition between creditor and debtor for credit resolution within an effective, reasonable, and feasible period to the debtor.

Commercial Contracts

We advise our clients throughout all contract negotiation stages, on the most diverse matters and complexity, regardless of the activity area or its legal aspects, always providing the best practices to minimize risks for our clients.

Consumer Relations

We provide practice in consultancy and preventive legal matters that aim to integrate the complexity of business within good practices in the consumer law environment, in the most diverse segments of industry, commerce and service. We practice strongly in disputes between suppliers, consumers and consumer inspection and defense agencies, whether in individual or collective claims, with application of creative and efficient solutions, always anticipating regional and global legislative and regulatory trends.

Digital Law and Data Protection

We advise our clients not only on e-commerce contracts, but also on internet advertising and marketing adequacy according to law. We provide advice for the adequacy of the Company’s internal flows to protect any types of data existing in its database, including regarding the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD), as well as in the administrative and /or judicial defense of customers in the event of data leakage or other non-compliances.

Distribution and Franchise

We present complete solutions to our clients during the preliminary negotiations, drafting, documents reviewing and post-contractual phase, as well as practicing in litigious lawsuits for rights preservation and brand protection.

Family and Succession

Legal advice for matters related to the rights and obligations that fall on the family core (marriage, stable union, divorce, guardianship, interdiction, guardianship of minors), as well as in the scope of succession for inventory procedure, wills, donations, qualifications and succession planning of family, companies and individuals, in order to ensure the maintenance and regularization of assets.

Intellectual Property

We advise our clients administratively or judicially on matters related to intellectual property, brand protection, patents, and industrial design rights.

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Strong Practice in defending the interests of our clients in preventive matters or disputes resolutions in many aspects and environments, both in the extrajudicial and judicial spheres. We have huge experience in proactively managing complex litigation in multijurisdictional disputes. We also practice in mediation and conciliation of commercial disputes, as well as in arbitration procedures for clients seeking to avoid or intend to settle and resolve legal disputes.

Private Pension Plan

Strategic conduct of individual and collective claims involving private pension and the largest Brazilian pension funds, with notorious achievement of excellent results in the Judiciary, and with personal assistance to retirees and client associations

Real Estate

We advise our clients in a preventive or litigious matters in a full range of transactions related to real estate assets, always ensuring the right of individuals and legal entities involving real estate. We also practice on behalf of administrators and condominiums in internal issues related to this housing format (implementation of quotas, management, and solution of neighborhood conflicts).

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