Good practices adoption is a path with no way turning: the Company that intends to remain in the market, regardless of its size, will have to adapt to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), which has been driving investments in the capital market in Brazil and the world, serving as parameters for the construction of a new management model.

Focusing on the future, our law firm created the ESG area, which aims to advise clients in a strategic proposition and integrated business value.

Although the ESG standard is extremely focused on the environmental pillar, attracting investors to companies that are concerned with environmental issues, such as reducing carbon emissions and contributing to climate change, social initiatives have been more prominent and evolved in essential debates in the capital markets.

Our firm will provide advisory consultancy, providing the best company impacts guidance, consisting of three important pillars:


  • Structuring area and internal organization;
  • Implementation, structuring and monitoring Reporting channels;
  • Crisis management; and
  • Stakeholders Relationships.

Human Rights

  • Development of Internal Human Rights Policies.
  • Internal analysis to identify human rights violations.
  • Relationship between civil society entities; and
  • Promotion of good practices in the ESG Social Environment.

Social and Labor Relations

  • Guide to HR best practices
  • Analysis of the production chain to counter discrimination, organizational moral harassment, slave labor by contractor’s employee or subcontractors and degrading working conditions.
  • Legal Opinion on sensitive issues involving ESG;
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct; and
  • Employee’s training, with specific and strategic topics for managers and senior leadership.

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