> Labor, Union-Related Matters and Compensation of Officers

The compliance rules are reflected and applicable in the labor area. There is no denying and/or dismissing its impact within the company, whether in the relationship with other companies (outsourcing), or in the internal environment (with its employees).

Compliance is an interdisciplinary program and its purpose is to establish rules and procedures (moral, ethical, behavioral, regulatory, etc.), which, if well established and monitored, will repress (active and passive) corruption and the filing of labor claims, generating a positive marketing.

This program must be observed and applied in all sectors and segments, whether small, medium or large, and everyone must adapt to this new reality, taking preventive actions such as the elaboration of an internal manual of rules and procedures, adoption of mechanisms to avoid unethical, discriminatory conduct, harassment of any nature and other behaviors that violate the dignity of people or are illegal.

In addition to these internal actions, companies should review contracts with service providers, as the conduct of outsourced workers may have to be supported by the service provider (company).

Thus, our team is prepared and qualified to provide general advice, from the analysis of the company’s procedures and routines to the implementation of the program, including the training of all personnel.

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