Regulatory Standards

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Regulatory Standards, called NRs, aim to regulate compliance with labor legislation, especially with regard to workers health.

Although these rules are available on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Employment – MTE, each of which with its theme and pre-established provisions, the failure to apply them correctly may cause problems for both the employee and the employer, who will be held responsible for any standard not properly met.

Thus, it is advisable that companies, for the effective application of Regulatory Standards, be connected to a firm specialized in Labor Law so that they can have the necessary support when interpreting safety rules in general, having the support of when it is necessary to apply or not that certain standard, even to avoid the application by analogy, for example.

In litigation, there are rules whose imposition is required by similarity, such as NR 17, item 5.3.1, which are aimed exclusively at telephony professionals, but which are repeatedly requested by different categories, such as collection branch, which have different peculiarities and, therefore, even if applied by analogy, can be dismissed by the Court, being, in fact, recommended to be followed up by a labor lawyer.

Many of the regulatory standards are already well known by companies, such as NR 05 that provides for “CIPA”, and NR 16 that provides for “dangerous activities”. However, even so, the importance of legal labor advice is always necessary, since it contributes greatly in the correct observance of the labor legislation and with the considerable reduction of a labor liability for the company.

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