Labor Audit

> Labor, Union-Related Matters and Compensation of Officers

Provision of services involving full assistance in labor audits, always aiming to solve and prevent inaccuracies, infractions and additional burdens in companies’ work routines.

We work with the purpose of minimizing eventual mistakes and losses of the audited routines, as well as of the judicial claims, improving more and more the administrative activity of the company’s employees and, consequently, preventing irregularities in the business environment, even behavioral differences within the institutions.

Basically, the work is done in two stages. At the initial stage, minute survey and analysis of documents, verifying any inconsistencies of all the company’s routines. At the final stage, elaboration of reports and/or opinions with strategic solutions so that the problems that may be found during the audit are solved.

In addition to the documentary analysis, the provision of this service takes care of the verification of the relation between employer and employee, with a systematic analysis of the procedures adopted by the company and if such procedures are in accordance with the labor law in force.

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