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Labor litigation has always been one of the biggest fears of companies, since in addition to the labor liabilities that are formed with litigation, the negative view of the employer starts to stand out, greatly hindering the employer’s business health.

Thus, the most effective prevention is necessary to protect the company involved in constant demands, and to effectively avoid labor liabilities, resulting in labor consulting from the perspective of prevention.

Many companies have managed to considerably reduce their liabilities due to consultancies previously carried out to adopt measures in general, that is, for the adequate application of labor legislation, since even though the company relies on the CLT for the compliance with labor laws, if it fails to apply correctly what the legislation determines, even in good faith, it ends up being submitted to judicial demands, including complaints to the inspection authorities.

It is increasingly important that each company has a labor consulting partner, in this case a serious firm, with professionals prepared to serve them and in the face of day to day adversities, the fast-paced routines of companies, specialized feedback needs to be immediate, since many procedures in the labor area must be quickly applied, such as the application of just cause, which cannot wait for the delay in deciding this penalty, under penalty of tacit forgiveness and the employee obtaining, as a result, the reversal of the dismissal in this modality.

It should be noted that the company may be often and in fact acting in accordance with the legislation, but if it does not adopt the measures with caution and with the support of a legal professional, it may end up responding in a negative way, when it was within its right.

Therefore, it is not too much to call the attention of companies to the importance of guidelines that can considerably reduce discussions before the Labor Courts.

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