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> Labor, Union-Related Matters and Compensation of Officers

With the obligation to send information to eSocial (a project of the Federal Government that will unify the sending of labor information) scheduled for 2016, the companies’ human resources (HR) departments will be the main ones affected by the implementation of the project, since the large number of employees data that will be provided to eSocial is related to people management.

Considering that any non-compliance with the rules imposed by the eSocial project will result in severe penalties for employers, we have developed an action plan with professionals specialized in Labor Auditing, able to provide the necessary support in updating solutions and developing the preparation module that will communicate with the Federal Government digital network.

We have an extensive methodology to implement the correct information system for GFIP, CAGED and MANAD accessory obligations whose deadlines will be changed, as well as RAIS and DIRF, all with the purpose of investing in solutions so that clients guarantee compliance with the labor legislation and do not suffer from future assessments and penalties.

We have the expertise to develop the best organizational plan for all items of the company’s personnel management, grouping all the necessary information, unifying the responsibilities for labor, tax and social security information, a mandatory activity from 2016 with the implementation of the project.

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