Negotiation With Unions

> Labor, Union-Related Matters and Compensation of Officers

Labor relations must be revised to adapt to the economic reality that fluctuates frequently, whether due to political or competitive influence; as labor is one of the main assets of the company, it must be preserved.

Thus, especially in crises, the best alternative to face it is to collectively negotiate individual employment contracts and so that it does not generate any nullity, the assistance of a professional in the area of specialized law is essential to offer legal alternatives.

Collective bargaining is not only aimed at favoring and guaranteeing employees’ rights; its main purpose is adjusting the balance of labor relations, sometimes implementing flexibility measures aimed at preserving the employment of workers and the survival of the company. Evidently, a good work will reflect on productivity and, consequently, on revenue.

For that, we have lawyers specialized in collective law, able to provide advice, participate and conduct collective bargaining, and defend clients’ interests in lawsuits arising from collective relations.

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